Proverbs 1:1-7

Jesus’s disciples sometimes called Him Rabbi, or teacher.  When we make a decision to follow Christ, we become His students – for life.  He was not an ordinary teacher though, and in fact He was very non-traditional.  He taught, most of the time, outside or in the countryside, instead of in the synagogue or traditional classroom.  He wanted His students to see and feel real learning:  watching and asking questions as He taught.  We wanted His students to gain wisdom; classroom smarts, or knowledge, does not compare to real-world experience.

What is wisdom…really?
Jesus did not have any formal education that we know of, yet at the age of 12 He taught the teachers. (Luke 2)  King Solomon was extremely smart, but what set him apart?  Wisdom.  In Proverbs we read, “The fear of the LORD is the foundation (beginning) of wisdom (true knowledge).  Proverbs 1:7

True knowledge, or wisdom, comes from God – and, like all gifts from God, it comes with benefits.  When we have wisdom we also have:  discipline, success, insight, and discernment.  Wisdom offers us guidance to others who struggle with understanding.  Wisdom is taking our knowledge and applying it to practical everyday life.  It is the essence of making right choices.

Who is born with wisdom?  Nobody.
In the first chapter of James we read that we can ask for wisdom.  We must ask God for wisdom in our lives, and it is not something we will receive like a quarter from the tooth fairy.  Wisdom takes time and seasons to be cultivated and developed in our lives.  We must be diligent with what we have and committed to continue in God’s work for us, all the time asking for wisdom.  Wisdom is not a gift intended to be put on display; it’s a gift to be practiced.  When our head-and-heart knowledge becomes hand-and-feet knowledge we are on the right path.

Jesus is our professor.  What is in the curriculum this semester?
Perhaps patience, humility, faith, or all of the above?  We must allow God to work His perfect will in our lives.  It takes time for the knowledge to become wisdom.

Let’s look for real and practical ways to take Biblical wisdom out of our classroom and into our day to day this week.