Why Don’t All People Want God?

Rebellion leads our hearts away from God.

When you think of how much God means to you, it’s hard to understand why all people don’t want God in their lives.  These four passages will show us how rebellion leads our hearts away from God.  If we have the Holy Spirit in us, we can say yes to God and no to sin.

Isaiah 53:1-8
This passage tells us how our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, was treated here on earth.  People, still to this day, continue to reject God because they do not see how attractive a relationship with Him truly is.  Alternately, this passage describes why we should desire a relationship with him; vs. 4-6. He took on our punishment, despite our rebellion; He was crushed so that we might be made whole.

Numbers 16:1-11
At first glance, Korah seems to be acting out in a Godly manner, however, when you rebel to someone that God Himself has put in authority over you, you are ultimately rebelling against God.  Korah was full of pride, and his heart turned rebellious against God’s appointed authority.  God wants us to choose Him and recognize how he is working in our lives.

Numbers 16:23-25
There are consequences to our choices.  Korah’s rebellion ended very tragically as God opened up the ground and swallowed him up along with all those who had joined him.

Joshua  24:14-18
Joshua challenges the nation of Israel in this passage.  He knows their history of unfaithfulness to God and idolatry.  He challenges them to make a clear decision, they adamantly chose God.  Verse 31 in the same chapter tells us that Israel kept their promise during Joshua’s lifetime.

It takes work to maintain our relationships; with each other, or with God.  Many people are not willing to make an effort to follow Him.  

Rebellion is often a first sign that we are trying to assert our independence from authority.  Faithfully following God and depending on Him with our lives is the best choice we can ever make.