Why Do I Have To Sit In The Back Seat?

God’s call to sacrifice for our siblings

Wherever there are siblings, there are feelings of always being stuck in the back seat, always getting the leftover snack, or never getting the priority with the TV.  It’s tough having to share with siblings or give up what we want to make a brother or sister happy.  But that’s what God calls us to do – show His love by sacrificing our wants for our siblings.  Let’s see what rewards we gain by following God’s selfless plan to give up the front seat or to give up watching our favorite show for our siblings.

Philippians 2:3-11

We see a Christ-like attitude described in this passage.  These verses remind us not to selfishly look out only for our own interests, but to look out for the interests of others the way Jesus did.  Even though Jesus is the Son of god, he gave p his divine privileges and came to earth to die a criminal’s death on the cross for our sins.  What rights did Jesus have and why was He willing to give up those rights?  Think of your own rights and why you would or wouldn’t give up those rights for your family, especially your siblings.

John 15:12-13

Jesus describes the epitome of love for one’s friend as a willingness to lay down one’s life for that person.  Jesus demonstrated such love when he died on the cross for the sins of the disciples – and the world.  Jesus also commanded the disciples to love each other in the same way he loved them.  Let’s study these verses and meditate on what it might look like to lay down your life for your siblings.  We are called to show our siblings the same love Jesus showed to us.

Luke 6:37-38

We are reminded of the rewards of living the way God calls us to live.  when we forgive others, we will be forgiven, and when we give to others, we will receive even more back ( although, this is not our motivation).  Remember that God does see our sacrifices and is pleased when we give up the front seat for our siblings.