Why Aren’t Other Religions Okay?

Jesus Is The Only Way
(Part 1)

“If God loves everyone, why doesn’t God accept all religions?” – Have you ever been asked this question? God wants everyone to go to heaven. However, God gave us a path to Him, and it’s only through His Son the Lord Jesus Christ, and His death on the cross, that we can have eternal life.

Galatians 1:6-9
This passage tells us that other religions twist God’s truth. Other religions simply aren’t the good news of Christ. Some will say that there is no difference between their god and the God of the true church, however, at the core of our faith is Jesus, and no other religion accepts Him as God’s Son. Others say there are many ways to heaven, and whatever one person believes is right for them; but Jesus is the only way to heaven. We cannot earn our salvation through good works. Don’t buy into the lies of man!

Matthew 7:13-23
Matthew tells us we can choose between the narrow gate, which leads to God’s kingdom, and the wide path, which leads to destruction. The narrow gate is hard to find and difficult to travel. We’re often blinded by lies from the enemy through religions, peer pressure, or even people claiming to be Christians, but serving only themselves.

Pray for discernment, the enemy is an Angel of Light, and a perpetrator of good things!

We are in a culture that shouts relativism, or an “anything goes” attitude toward religion. It is not judgemental to proclaim that Jesus is the Only Way.