Why Aren’t Other Religions Okay?

Jesus Is The Only Way (Part 2)

1 John 5:1-12

The only way to become a child of God and defeat the world is through Jesus!  When we repent and put our faith in Christ, we know that God’s Word is true and Jesus is the only Savior.  Those who don’t believe are calling God a liar.  Without the Lord Jesus Christ there is no chance of eternal life.

Being a disciple (follower) of Christ is the one and only true way (religion).

2 Timothy 4:1-5

We need to be prepared to tell others about our faith in a loving, patient and encouraging way.  The message of Christ is one of love; this is the meaning of “Gospel” – The Good News.  Let’s share what God has done for us, through His son’s birth, death, burial, and resurrection; forever interceding for us to come unto Him!!!

Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Nobody can reach God except through Him!

No other religion, or belief offers a path to eternal life.  It is only through the covering of our sins through the redemptive blood of Christ; now let’s walk in His light and sin no more!