“What is Christmas to You?”

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As the celebration of Christmas day draws near, I’m sure in thousands of churches there are messages about the meaning of Christmas. It will be explained that Christmas is not about trees, decorations, parties, sausage balls, or any other traditions we might observe to celebrate Christmas. It’s not about the gifts we exchange with each other either! Christmas isn’t about stuff, it’s about Jesus and His arrival on Earth (Matthew 1:23; Luke 2:1-14 ). Reading the historical account is such a beautiful and heart touching story, but this is where most Christmas messages end! We join together to sing Silent-Night and everyone heads for the door to go eat more sausage balls. Christmas is about more than just Jesus’s birth! It’s about His birth, His life, His death, and His resurrection. More specifically, why His birth, life, death, and resurrection should matter to you (Isaiah 9:6). While it’s important to know Jesus arrived as a helpless newborn baby, we must remember He came to accomplish something that was impossible for man to do for himself: defeat sin and death to provide peace and everlasting life (Luke 19:10)! Little baby-Jesus is no longer a little baby-Jesus sleeping in a manger! He is Almighty; Eternal; Endless; Creator; Author and Finisher of faith; Chosen One; Anointed One; Holy One; Mighty One; Light of the World; Bread of Life; Living Water; Just One; Faithful and True, Healer; Physician; Comforter; Counselor; Mediator; Advocate; Deliverer; Head of Every Man, Head of the Body, Head of the Church; Righteous Judge; Minister; Prince of Peace; Rock of Salvation; Wonderful, Redeemer, Love; I AM; The Way; The Truth; and The Life! He’s the Christ, KING of kings and Lord of lords as He sits on HIS Throne as The Word of God! He goes by all these and more, but not one of them is “Helpless Little-Baby Jesus”! In order to be all of these for you, He can’t still be lying in a manger. He’s got to be residing in your heart as your Lord and Savior (Romans 8:9-11)! People have lots of views as to the meaning of Christmas and of course there are rituals and things we do that bring joy to the Christmas season, but we must never lose sight of what Jesus Himself said Christmas was truly about (John 6:38-40). If you’ve ever wondered what the true meaning of Christmas is, it’s simple…

Lesson4Life: Christmas means; Jesus came down to raise you up.