What if Jesus is a Liar?

Who is Jesus?

Jesus Is Always Truthful. He is The Way, The Truth, and The Light!

Some people don’t know Jesus very well today; they say Jesus is a liar.  We all know how it feels to be lied to.  Use this lesson to help understand that we don’t feel this way with Jesus because Jesus is always truthful and we can trust Him.

Mark 10:32-34

Jesus told the disciples what was about to come.  Jesus explained to his friends that He was going to be betrayed, tortured, and killed but that He’d come back to life again.  From anyone else, these claims would seem unbelievable.  Even the disciples might have wondered if Jesus’ words could be true.  However, as we now know, Jesus predicted exactly what would happen.  Use these verses to see that Jesus has always been and will always be truthful, even when the truth is hard to hear.

Numbers 23:19 / John 8:44

Both of these passages speak to the credibility of God and God’s Word, and the fact that Satan is the father of lies.  From the beginning, God has always told the truth.  He’s never broken a promise or gone back on his word.  In contrast, Satan never tells the truth. We can trust God’s Word to lead us to the truth about who Jesus really is – God’s son sent to die for our sins.

John 8:12-18

Jesus reminds us that every word He speaks is true.  Remember that when we seek God, He will answer them with truth.  Acts 5:26-42 describes Peter and the apostles being questioned because they were teaching that Jesus died for the sins of all people.  When the Pharisees threatened to put the disciples to death for teaching this, a wise man named Gamaliel stood up for the disciples.  Gamaliel reminded the Pharisees that other people had made outrageous claims but their plans failed when they died because they had lied.  Gamaliel said that a true message from God could not be stopped.  Now, 2,000 years later, people are still teaching the truth that Jesus died for our sin.  Be encouraged with this fact.  Jesus told the truth when he claimed to be the Son of God.

We, many times are encouraged to assert other people’s opinions as our own beliefs.  We need affirmation that what God and His Word says are true as we develop and grow in our relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.