We Serve Others Because We Love God

“Serve only the Lord your God.”  -Deuteronomy 13:4

Joseph Serves in Potiphar’s House

Genesis 39:1-6

Joseph grew up in a family of farmers.  They worked the fields, tended the flocks, and had to take care of all the needs of the family business.  This included the buying and selling of goods also.  Joseph’s father, Jacob, taught him well while he was a young boy.  He learned to read and write, as well as how to conduct business.

Genesis 37:3 tells us that Jacob favored Joseph over his brothers.  This caused tension between Joseph and his brothers.  After Joseph began to receive dreams from God, his brothers decided to get rid of him.  They faked his death and sold him into slavery.  Joseph now had a choice to make: How would he serve his new master?

Joseph was not looking for a new line of work when his brothers sold him and he had no control over his job relocation.  This did not hinder him from serving with all that he had, for he was ultimately serving the Lord, and he knew this well.

Genesis 39:2-3 tell us that the Lord was with Joseph and he was successful and blessed by God in all that he did.  Do you think the Lord would have blessed Joseph if he was serving half heartedly?  Eventually, Joseph’s hard work and the Lord’s blessing allowed him to be promoted as Potiphar’s ambassador.  He was given control and authority over all of Potiphar’s house.

I am certain that it was not a dream job to be a slave in Potiphar’s house; I am certain Joseph struggled from time to time with why he was there and why his own brothers betrayed him.  However, he did not lose heart in serving the Lord. He continued in faith and trust and could see the Lord was with him. Joseph worked unto the Lord in all that he did.

Even when our hard work is not recognized, we serve others because we love God.

Reflection Questions:
  1. How can you serve as Joseph did?
  2. How can you offer yourself to do a job nobody wants to do?
  3. How can you work without complaining?