Together We Sermon Series

A general observation I’ve made over the past couple of years is that our culture and society has largely transformed people’s minds to view church as an extension of the entertainment and hospitality industry where the expectation is to be entertained as adults, have a theme park experience for the kids, and have whims catered to as if dining in a fine restaurant.

In lieu of this observation, God laid on my heart to take a short break from our verse-by- verse teaching to have some heart-to- heart conversation with the congregation here at Calvary Chapel GSO to review the foundations of the church, why it was started in the first place, and what we should be doing together as believers, besides just coming to Sunday morning services a few times a month.

So I began writing what was originally going to be a one-week topical message that quickly developed into a multi-week theme as it became apparent I would not be able to communicate all God wanted me to say in one week! And thus, our multi-week series called “Together We” was born, to re-establish in minds and hearts what the church is, why we are to become part of it, and what we need to be doing individually in it.

God used to dwell only in the temple, but now dwells in the hearts of His people; and as He dwells, He builds, so if you’re reading this today it means Jesus is still at work in this church… at work in you… and is calling us to together; so check out the “Together We” series and then join with us and find your place learn, serve, give, and grow as we praise and celebrate God together, as He adds daily to the church those who are being saved, AMEN!