“Together We Go”

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Outreach is a manifestation of God’s love. As Christians, however, we tend to migrate only towards other Christians and isolate ourselves from the world. We hide ourselves away inside these four walls. And while, as we learned last week, the Christian community is a very important one, if we truly want to love like Jesus did, we must get outside these four walls. We learned last week from Acts 2 that we grow together. Now, in Matthew 28, we learn that we are also called to GO together. Jesus’ last command was to GO. Go into all the earth. Go and make disciples of all nations. In John 14:15 Jesus said, “If you love me, then obey my commandments.” So if we love Him, we must GO.

While we could each go out on our own and accomplish some good, the body of Christ was made in a way that each person is only one part. Each person has a different role to play as part of the body. One part cannot function without the other (Romans 12:4-6). Each of us was given specific gifts that work together to advance the Kingdom of God. While I might have the gift of hospitality, you have the gift of encouragement. Together we can reach out much better than we could on our own (Ephesians 4:11-13).

Lesson4Life: Together we can go much farther than we can alone!