Star Quest

Who God Is:

God is eternal – We know God never changes

Moses and the burning bush – Exodus 3:1-15

Sometimes it takes something drastic to get our attention.  God grabbed Moses’ attention with a flaming bush that didn’t burn up.   Moses investigated the bush and listened to what God had to say.  God told Moses that He heard His people’s cries from slavery in Egypt and was ready to send in a leader that He had prepared to rescue them.  

Although Moses identified with the Hebrew people, he didn’t see himself as someone who could rescue them.  God knew that Moses was the one He wanted to use to free His people.  God had a simple answer for Moses’ objection:  “I will be with you.”

Moses’ path before him was a difficult one.  Moses would face opposition from his own people and from Pharaoh.  God gave Moses a reminder of who He is: “I AM.”  He is the God of Moses’ forefathers – Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  When Moses realized that he was in God’s holy presence and that his God had chosen him, he was willing to obey.  When he obeyed in faith, God used him mightily.

You may not be called to save an entire nation out of the bondage of slavery, however, we have been called to be obedient to God and His word, and to tell others about His son the Lord Jesus Christ.

Like Moses, there may be times you’re tempted to ask, “Why me, God? I’m not skilled enough for this task.”  However, also like Moses, you are able to rest in assurance that God will be with you as you strive to complete your calling.

Who do you know that you could tell about Jesus this week?

Remember – the outcome of your calling is eternal, just like God.  No matter where you are or who you are God stays the same.  He never changes, so we can count on Him in any and every situation.  Moses discovered that God is eternal – He stays the same forever.