Moses Sees God On The Mountain

We Worship A Perfect God

Though very angry by the Israelites who continued to disobey him along their travels to the Promised Land, God allowed Moses to intercede for them. It was a good thing he did – God was inclined to send an angel to accompany them in his stead as they continued along their dangerous journey (Exodus 33:2-3). Moses knew they would need God’s own presence in order for Israel to become the nation God intended, so he requested an audience with God. As a result of Moses’ plea, God agreed to once again lead the people of Israel.

Also, Moses asked that God would allow him to actually look upon God’s glory, perhaps so that he could offer the Israelites an eyewitness account of God’s presence. Moses’ request was a bold one; imagine how he must have felt when God said yes! There was one compromise, however. god warned Moses that His holiness was so immense, no human could actually experience His full glory and power and survive the impact. So God allowed Moses to look upon Him only as God retreated, concealing His face from Moses in a protective gesture.

Psalm 99 further reveals God’s perfection, focusing on His holiness and awesome nature. Just as God was too holy for Moses to look upon, God’s holiness is so magnificent that nations should tremble and the earth should quake. Even God’s name is holy! In both the Exodus account passage and Psalm 99, the word name represents more than the label we use to address a person. In the Hebrew culture, a name often represents the whole of who a person is. To know someone’s name was to truly know a person, inside and out. What a privilege Moses had to glimpse our powerful, awesome, and holy God!