Matthew 20:20-28 “Together We Serve”

When you hear the word serve what comes to your mind? Our modern definition reads: “To perform duties or services for another person!” But, as Christians, there’s a much deeper definition of serve that includes the heart and a willingness to give in service. Serving is more than giving time, energy, or talent in performing duties in exchange for something. Serving also includes having a right and willing heart in rendering service! Godly serving comes with a purpose greater than gaining rewards for ourselves because serving is not about us; it’s about others! Just as growing and going together are Godly, so is Serving together. Believer, you are made to be like Christ which means it’s your duty to serve others in your church using the gifts God has given you! Serving and worshiping is what He made you for which explains why He cares about your service because He wants to delight in your obedience like He does in Jesus (Ephesians 2:10)! Church, we can’t talk about it, give lip service to it, or post Facebook pictures of other people doing it. WE have to do it like Jesus did it, actually serving others (Matthew 3:13-17)!

Lesson4Life: Together WE serve because that’s how Jesus teaches us to love each other!