John 9:8-25 “Stirring the Pot”

The leaders tried to pressure the man into recanting his testimony about Jesus. They told him, “We know Jesus is a sinner, and you know that too, right?!” It was a threat, but this man had been in want all his life never seeing, never having, no house, no wife, no kids, no job, no money, no friends, and being spiritually and physically rejected, never really loved or wanted by anyone because he had nothing to offer back! Then a man named Jesus came along, showed him love and compassion, and gave him something he didn’t ask for and certainly never expected! These yahoos are asking him to deny the best thing that’s ever happened to him! From this lowly beggar we see what real courage in the face of persecution looks like, and we get to learn about one of the most effective tools Jesus gives us for dealing with the threats and prejudices of those offended by Him and opposed to His message! Enemies of Jesus may trip you intellectually, out maneuver you legally, attempt to admonish you socially, and try to take much from you for believing in Christ, but they can never take away the truth of one’s personal experience with Jesus! “Whether He is a sinner as you say, I don’t know, but I will not deny what I do know for certain: I was blind, now I see, and it was Jesus who healed me!” You too were a blind miserable sinner before Jesus healed you and enabled you to see the truth in your own life. That experience with Jesus can never be taken from you. This makes it irrefutable and a powerful tool when talking to the lost, broken, and hardened because often, people need to hear and see how your life has been changed before they will realize the need and want their life changed too! So don’t be afraid to stir the pot because a changed life first comes with being moved to change!

Lesson4Life:Your personal experience with Jesus cannot be denied because it’s yours; so use it!