John 9:26-41 “You Can See If You Want To”

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The Pharises tried to punish him by excommunication, but this actually works out to be a very good thing because he’s not a blind beggar anymore. He can see the truth (Romans 8:28-29)! We don’t need to get all bogged down in religion worried about doing this or not doing this to earn God’s favor. We already have it if we just love Him and love each other! For once the Pharisees were right about 1 thing. Everybody is born with a sinful nature (Psalm 51:5). But we don’t have to live in sin or die in our sins as our beggar is about to find out! The truth is humans will always reject one other rightly or wrongly, but it still hurts! But in this, we see a foundational truth about having a relationship with Jesus. He never rejects anyone who earnestly seeks Him! The beggar listened to and obeyed Jesus, and was blessed. Jesus hasn’t forgotten him nor forsaken him, but instead was waiting for the perfect time to do His most amazing work; saving his soul (Deuteronomy 31:6)! Jesus, knowing the beggar had been cast out, now goes to find him to ask the most important question one can be asked.  “Do you believe in the Son of God?” The beggar says he’s willing to believe but doesn’t know who the Son of God is. Jesus said, “You’re looking at Him and talking to Him right now!” Don’t miss the significance of what our beggar says and begins doing and why! The beggar immediately says,“Lord, I believe!” and he worships Him, saved on the spot (John 10:27)! Men, prophets, and even angels don’t receive worship. Only God receives worship! Yet this man hears Jesus’s voice and is now worshiping Him because Jesus is indeed God! The reason He came is to save those who would believe, and after coming,  judge those who refuse to believe!

The listening Pharisees heard what He said, and with feathers ruffled, asked, “Are we blind also?” They expected him not to directly challenge their authority, but Jesus had already expressed His thoughts on this subject and hadn’t changed His mind (Matthew 15:12-14)! Jesus effectively answers them saying, “If you were truly blind you’d have an excuse!” But the only people who cannot see the light are those refusing to see it claiming they can see just fine without it. They have chosen blindness, and therefore have no excuse! If the Pharisees would admit to the spiritual blindness, they’d be forgiven and set free, but because they say “WE SEE,” their sin remains unforgiven! The beggar, however, admitted his need, listened to the Word of God, obeyed, believed Jesus, and now sees with his eyes and heart being opened by the truth! Through a beggar’s journey from blindness to physical and spiritual sight, we learn a valuable truth which is foundational for every man, woman, and child today who wants to see!

Lesson4Life: Everyone is born blind which is why you must be born again to see!