John 9:1-7 “What Can I Do?”

Jesus wanted more for the man than sight. He wanted him to see the Truth! He could have just spoken the word and the man would have been instantly cured, but Jesus chose to cure him in a way that would help enable the man to believe! Jesus spits on the ground, mixes in some dirt, and applies it to the man’s eyes. Was the man healed right then? No. Why not? This man didn’t come to Jesus asking to be healed. Jesus came to him, but His expectation of us doesn’t change. Jesus expects us to respond to Him in faith! Jesus was sent to save the world, and He tells the man to go over there to the “Sent” pool to wash that mud out of his eyes! It was a directive to be obedient! I suspect that dude hurried to the pool as fast as he could to get the mess out, but in obedience, in doing what Jesus asked, he came back seeing (Hebrews 12:1-2)! The mud was what was needed to create and finish his faith, and Jesus knew it!

In this whole mud miracle, we learn a couple valuable lessons about Faith and Service. Today, most would consider what Jesus did as gross, unhygienic, and perhaps detrimental to healing according to modern medicine. If we are paying attention we can learn just how important it is to be faithful in what He instructs us to do no matter how crazy or far-fetched it seems. You don’t get much wackier than making spit-pies and putting it in people’s eyes, but Jesus used it to reach this man, to help him Hear, and ultimately enable him to SEE! Jesus was the conduit of God’s blessing. Remember, He is only doing the Works of Him Who sent Him! Christians carry the same responsibility to Jesus even if what He wants us to do seems a little wacky to the wise onlookers (1 Corinthians 1:27)! When we do what He wants, how He wants it, not only does it build faith for the recipient but also our faith as doers of the Word because we get to witness His miracles!

The 2nd thing we learn is a model for doing good works, actually touching people’s lives in a physical or material way and doing good for them! Many attempt to pacify their conviction to serve by talking about doing as if it equates to actually DOING something. Doing what is asked is an indicator of our faith in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior (James 2:14-18)! Serving Jesus begins in prayer and ends with action demonstrating our faith in Him!  Jesus has laid someone on your heart to pray for. Also, ask Him what YOU might DO to bring about God’s additional blessings to their life as well! There are people in our community that need us to be the hands and feet of Jesus, not just a mouthpiece!

Lesson4Life: When we do what Jesus asks we get to see lives changed including our own!