John 8:48-59 “Unconditional”

There is a point we each will face in life where we must answer this question, “What’s more important, honoring our flesh or honoring Jesus (John 5:22-23)?” Jesus’ claims were not those of a demon possessed man nor was He seeking glory for Himself. He only sought to honor the Father. So, He challenges the Pharisees and us today with the same compelling consequences intact for the choice we make (John 8:24). In verse 51, He gives us the upside of hope and encouragement for believing; “If you keep my Word, you will never see death!” Jesus was saying death won’t be an annihilation or termination of life as they viewed death, but will only be a transformation into new life if they would believe (2 Corinthians 5:1-9)! This is how Jesus enables everyone who believes to “Never see death!” The leaders were unwilling to hear the truth about what life is going to be like for those who believe Him but were instead delighted to hear what they thought was Jesus implicating Himself as a liar and having a demon. After all, Abraham was godly but He’s dead! Likewise, the prophets are dead too! So, “Who does this man think He is, saying He is able to promise what even Abraham couldn’t promise? That He can save people from dying!” Of course, Jesus is greater than Abraham. They were just unwilling to see or hear of it. Jesus doesn’t claim this honor Himself. It is God who honors Jesus!

The theme of this whole chapter is the unity of Jesus with God the Father because He is God! Earlier Jesus said slaves of sin are not family members, and have no inheritance, but a son abides forever! This makes your spiritual parentage very important. It determines if you have an inheritance, a future, hope, and life to look forward to.

I know some of you are suffering right now under the bondage and condemnation of sin, and you’re unsure what to do or how to escape from its tight grip. I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to do anything but put your faith, hope, and trust in the only One who can do something about your situation, the Son Jesus Christ! He can set you free right now and give you a brand new life today! Whose child will you be? Who will your thoughts and actions reflect as your father? Will you be a child of the world, doing whatever your flesh and the world wants? Being used and abused until all life is drained from your body by sin and consumed by death. Will you be a child of Satan deceived into depending on counterfeit righteousness believing as long as you’re passionate, committed, and self-righteousness in whatever you believe is right, you will be fine regardless of what God’s Word says? Or will you be a child of God because you’ve put your faith in Jesus Christ? Trusting that, in spite of the bad stuff you’ve done, the poor decisions you made last year, last month, last week, last night, and no matter how big the mess you’ve made of your life, you can be forgiven. You can have a new life for one reason and one reason only; because you have a Father in Heaven who loves you very much and wants to see you blessed and happy as one of His kids forever!

Lesson4Life: You are loved unconditionally by your father if your father is Jesus Christ!