John 8:37-47 “Who’s Your Daddy?”

When Jesus came to these descendants of Abraham speaking the truth about their need to be set free, they not only rejected Him but sought to murder Him! So Jesus says, “No, you might be a blood descendent of Abraham, but you’re not spiritually one of his kids because you don’t have the belief and faith he had in Me (Galatians 3:6-7)!” Sadly, there are many living in the same denial of who their true spiritual father really is because they don’t know or believe in Jesus. This explains how they can claim to be Children of God, but in reality are in bondage to sin. Accepting, encouraging, and indulging in behavior that is not of the nature of God! But it’s our spiritual (not physical) parentage that determines our nature and destiny!

If you’re born again with faith in Jesus as your Savior, it will show in your new nature and how you live for Him, but if you’re not born again, the only nature that will show is your original sin nature imparted through physical birth in bondage to sin and death making you an enemy of Jesus Christ (John 3:5-7)! That’s why Jesus emphatically says what’s tough to hear, a foundational truth, “If God is your Father, then you’d act more like your Father when I tell you the truth!” Jesus rains on their little insult laden parade of self-righteousness saying, “If God were your Father, you’d love Me and want to do His desires, but you want to do what your father wants which is to kill me because your father is the devil (1 Corinthians 2:13-15)!” He goes on to give specific insight as to the character of the devil so that we’d understand He wasn’t slinging a personal attack back at them. He’s simply telling the Truth!

  • The Devil is a murderer: The Pharisees sought to kill Jesus because He spoke the truth!
  • The Devil never stands for truth: The Pharisees sought to distract from the truth!
  • The Devil is a liar: The Pharisees lied saying that Jesus has a demon and that He is the liar!
  • The Devil is the father of lies: The Pharisees invented the deceitful trap with the woman caught in adultery in an attempt to get rid of Jesus!

Do you suppose the Pharisees inherited these characteristics from God the Father? No way! They received them honestly from their father the Devil! This indicates another truth that if God is your Father then you share in His nature (2 Peter 1:3-4)!

Jesus is harsh with His words toward Satan because the children of Satan are worse than unbelievers. They are deceivers actively leading people away from God! Again, Jesus challenges any of His enemies to declare some sin they’ve seen in Him, and again, they can say nothing! So He asks, why do you not believe Me then? He presses home the point that the reason they don’t hear or believe is because God is not their Father. Otherwise, they would recognize Him as the Word of God!

The worst prison a person can be in is the prison of sin that they don’t realize they’re in! They think they’re free and can go, live, and do anything they want, but in reality, they do nothing but live in bondage to sin under the influence of Satan! The Pharisees and leaders thought they were free and even thought that they were children of God, but were oblivious to the reality of their situation. They were enslaved in spiritual bondage to sin and Satan and were headed for death, unwilling to acknowledge the One that could set them free to truly live the Truth! In spite of our sin nature and everything the world, culture, media, entertainers, politicians, and educators tell us we can know absolute truth for ourselves and be set free by the truth. If we’re willing to open our mind and soften our heart to hear the truth directly from the Word of God, then there will be no question of who your daddy is!

Lesson4Life: Jesus loves you and always tells the truth about sin in order to free you of it!