John 8:25-36 “Free Indeed”

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You’ve likely heard the phrase “The Truth Shall Set You Free” It sounds good, but It’s not true absent the action which Jesus says is necessary to be set free by the truth! His words suggest that some only believed superficially, but hadn’t yet committed themselves to Him personally (1 John 2:3-6)! This reveals it’s possible to believe the truth and yet still not be freed by it! The Greek for “Abide” is Meno meaning to “Continue In or Take Heed To” In other words, to make it a continually high priority to do what His Word says to do! Bursting little bubbles everywhere, Jesus says a mere profession of faith isn’t enough. “Faith must be observed in action; tested, refined, and abided in!” Then you will be His disciple and will know the truth, and the truth will set you free!” Set free from what, you might ask? Set you free from the law of sin and death (Romans 8:1-4)! If the Pharisees really got it, they would get it- freedom from sin and death that is, but do they? Their response indicate just how blinded they are to spiritual and physical truth and reality! “We’re Abraham’s kids. We’ve never been in bondage to anyone!  How can you say we’ll be made free!” They were in denial of the truth of their reality. So, it makes sense they’re in denial of their real relationship with God and have no sense of their real bondage to sin! The same holds true even today. It’s very difficult for proud people to realize their failings and admit that they’re not as error proof as they believe! Jesus says the difference between bondage to sin and freedom in Him is basically a matter of whether you are a “servant of sin” or a “son of His.” When a person is involved in continual sin, they are under its power and authority like a slave where sin is personified as a cruel master (Romans 6:16,20-23)! So, Jesus tells the religious leaders they would not only die in their sin, they were, at that moment, living in delusional bondage to sin thinking they were free! Sin can be a comfortable place to live for a while and can fool you into thinking you can stay, but the reality is you’re only a servant about to get evicted! Truth comes with love, and even long-time servants of sin can be set free by the Truth (Romans 6:17-18)! What is this teaching that’s freed you from your slavery to sin? It’s the Truth; the Son (John 14:6)! When we believe in Him, abide in His Word, and become His disciple, we are set free from the bondage of sin and death and made into a son of God by the Son Himself (John 1:12-13)! Don’t allow yourself to be imprisoned by sin that Jesus died to set you free from. You have a choice and are no longer uncontrollably compelled to obey sin! You rule over your flesh and have defeated sin as a son or daughter of God. It doesn’t rule over you! Above all, remember what Jesus tells us here, “If the Son has made you free then you are free indeed!”

Lesson4Life: Abide in Christ and you are free in Him. Don’t give up your freedom!