John 7:32-41 “When Opportunity Knocks”

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John explains “Living Water” wasn’t an it but is God in the person of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit interacts with people in 3 distinct ways characterized by 3 Greek words;  Para, En, and Epi!

  • PARA: In the Para state the Holy Spirit is with or alongside convicting people of sin and showing them their need for Christ in their life.
  • EN:  Immediately after believing in Jesus, the Holy Spirit comes to live inside a person, regenerating, guiding, and helping them make better decisions in life.
  • EPI: EPI means filled to overflowing. The Holy Spirit comes upon a believer filling them to overflowing and enabling and empowering them to do the work of the ministry!

If we look to chapter 14 and Acts 1:8, we get a good sense of the ministry of the Holy Spirit! But the Holy Spirit won’t indwell believers permanently until after the death, resurrection, and Ascension of Jesus! The crowd gathered in the synagogue continued to debate about Jesus. Many argued He’s a Prophet. Others said, “No, He’s the Christ!” Some strongly maintained, “You guys are crazy. Our Messiah won’t come from the mixed-races of Galilee (Again, referring back to their thinking based on appearances that they knew Jesus)!” And there you have it, the exact same beliefs people hold today regarding who Jesus is! Some believe He was just a good man, perhaps a prophet, but are indifferent to Him! Some believe He truly is the Christ and their Lord & Savior. While many don’t believe anything concerning Him and seek to ridicule, disparage, malign, and marginalize those who do! So, we shouldn’t be surprised people are indifferent to believing in Jesus or that those opposed are quite vocal in their opposition and sometimes reprehensible in their action! There was a division among the people then because of Him, and that same division exists today within your circle of family, friends and acquaintances! One cannot be confronted with the truth of Jesus and remain neutral. We must either believe Him or reject Him. There is no middle ground; no fence to ride! Instead we should be heart-broken and more determined than ever to love and reach them! To pray harder, work harder, and shine brighter in hopes that the living water within us will flow outward and wash over the unbelievers in our life causing them to want what we have and learn to trust in Jesus Christ for themselves! Family, this goes hand in hand with our church mission to reach people with the good news of Jesus and make disciples who use their gifts and talents to serve God and show people the love of Christ in action! The things we do aren’t to create unnecessary work. They are to give each of us an opportunity to be built up and engage a world opposed to Jesus and to fulfil our mission! Showing people we are Christians who love God, our community, and other people! So, I exhort you to get engaged and answer the door when opportunity knocks. Don’t worry about any opposition because you have the power of Jesus Christ in you!

Lesson4Life: Opposition shouldn’t deter your resolve to engage; it should strengthen it!