John 7:11-18 “Is Life Like A Box Of Chocolates?”

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The Jews relied upon man’s authority and education to receive their doctrine secondhand, but Jesus wants us to experience the authority of His truth directly and personally! That’s why Jesus effectively tells His listeners in Jerusalem and us today, “If you seek God’s will for your life, then you’re going to know that everything I teach you is from Him because I am His will for your life!” Jesus brings us back around to having faith in Him and being willing to walk in faith! As I teach the Bible, I can comfortably claim its authority over our lives, but I can’t say the same for my interpretation because I’m going to make mistakes. Which is why you and I must rely upon what Jesus says in His Word because only He can claim absolute authority over His doctrine and His teaching!

In some regards, life can seem like a box of chocolates. There are some pieces of Life we’re going to taste and like, and others we’re going to taste and hate. But Jesus is not looking for us to taste-test faith to see if we like Him based on our desired outcome or individual preference. That’s called living in the flesh! If the way your flesh feels is the basis of your theology you’re going to be quickly disappointed in Jesus and easily led astray from following the truth. Our flesh is not going to like some of the chocolates in our box of life. That’s why Jesus wants us to develop a deep, personal commitment to Him whereby we walk in faith, unconditionally knowing we have the way, the truth, and the life! Jesus Christ is our Lord, the one we can believe in, trust in, and put faith in. As we do what He asks, we know the truth of His Word tastes good to us because He loves us (Psalm 34:8)!

Lesson4Life: Regardless of what the individual chocolates in the box of life taste like; taste and see the Lord is good and loves YOU!