John 6:7-15 “The King of Hearts”

There were 5,000 men, plus women and children, so likely 10,000-15,000 people who had gathered to see Jesus. Not even 200 denarii, about 8 months’ worth of wages, would pay for this meal. No money, no store, and no time! Sounds like the perfect time for Jesus to act! Rather than complaining or seeing the situation as hopeless, Andrew goes out searching for anything that could help and brings what he finds back to Jesus! Did Andrew have some doubt? Sure, but in spite of his doubt, he brought what he could find in faith to Jesus! You may not have the gift of evangelism or have the means to help a need, but you have the same ability as Andrew to faithfully lead people to Jesus. Those you lead to Him have the same opportunity as this boy with a little bread and fish. Jesus didn’t take the boy’s food. He gave it, trusting Jesus to do a lot with his little! The miracle took place in Jesus’s hands as He began dividing the food but, he let the disciples have the privilege of distributing the blessing. (Remember, they wanted to send the people away!) They gave it away faithfully, trusting there was more where it came from. That is so Jesus! He allows us to be a blessing to others and blesses us in the process when we are faithful with the little bits He gives us! He kept dividing the bread and fish until every person was fed, in fact stuffed! Then, He told the disciples to gather up the fragments so nothing was lost. They gathered 12 baskets; 1 for each of them. (That wasn’t a coincidence!) Jesus did this for 2 primary reasons: 1. To teach us that He is more than capable of meeting everyone’s needs, regardless of what the situation or circumstance looks like! 2. To teach us that even when we have doubts, if we do what He says to do, our obedience and actions will be blessed and multiplied! It’s about trusting Jesus with whatever He has entrusted to you and not being afraid to use it to bless others! You cannot out give Jesus (Proverbs 11:24). Instead of complaining about what you don’t have and hoarding what you do, maybe you should give thanks for the little bit you have, offer it to Jesus, and see what He can do with it! When you do, don’t be surprised when He makes your little bit go an extra-long way! This is why I encourage everybody who calls CCGSO their church home to get engaged by attending regularly, serving, giving, and investing time in each other! Even if you can only give a little, give it and watch Jesus multiply the blessings back to you!

Lesson4Life: If you want Jesus to change anything, first be willing to have Him change your heart!

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