John 6:60-71 “Nowhere to Turn but Up”

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Jesus reveals a painful truth, “You who are offended, you don’t believe me.”  From the start, Jesus knew which would believe and which would not, but knowing doesn’t imply causation (John 6:43-45). Folks still have the opportunity to listen and learn, and therefore, come to Jesus! His stressing the need to consume “The Bread of Life” and saying His Flesh was that bread was unpalatable for even many of His proclaimed disciples! Those who listened, learned, and came, evidenced the Spirit giving life. While those who listened, but never learned, evidenced that “the flesh profits nothing.” You can’t just act the part, hanging out with believers and being a believer, without actually accepting Jesus into your heart and consuming Him as the Bread of Life! From that moment, many went back to their old religion; walking away from their savior! As many turned away and left Him for good, Jesus turned and looked at the twelve and asked, “What about you, do you also want to go away?” This is a question we must ask ourselves today and everyday, “What about you, do you also want to go away?” Peter says, “Where else would we go Lord? We believe and know you are the Christ!” For all of Peter’s foot-in-mouth moments, he gets this one right… almost! His only mistake was bearing witness for the entire group, because he was sure all 12 were true believers. Which shows just how convincing some wolves can be! Even Peter didn’t know Judas was an unbeliever, and he was around him 24/7!  Telling us Jesus’s selection of the 12 was not an election to salvation, but a call to serve Him! This showed the love, compassion, and longsuffering Jesus has for sinners, even those who would betray Him, giving untold opportunities to choose a different path! In the end Judas, like each of us, is responsible for his own choices! Choosing Jesus is going to be costly. It’s going to cost you some control over your life! It’s going to cost you your pride, selfishness, and lust for pleasure! It’s going to cost you your old sin nature that wants to satisfy your fleshly desires! In short, It’s going to cost you your old life in order to receive your new eternal one (Luke 9:23-24)! Even the toughest times with Jesus are preferred above all other ways to live, because in Jesus there is true freedom, true joy, true hope, and true life that you cannot have any other way! It’s been said, “Following Jesus is the hardest way to live except for all the others!” It’s true being a Christian is not a cake walk. It’s hard sometimes because our flesh is so weak and easily offended. Especially that we can recognize sin and make the choice to fall in it or run from it! There are going to be times when you just want to scream, “I’m done with trying to be a Christian!” It’s those moments that you have the greatest opportunity to actually be the best Christian you’ve ever been; by giving up and realizing you have nowhere else to turn to except up to Jesus!

Lesson4Life: No matter what life throws at you, you have a place to turn. You can turn up to Jesus!