John 6:41-45 “Time for a Come to Jesus Meeting”

Folks, there’s one thing we have to get straight in our minds and hearts. God does love the world and wants each and every person in it to be saved, but He’s not going to withhold or compromise the Truth for fear of offending people. It’s the Truth that’s going to draw people to Jesus and set them free (John 8:31-32)! Truth stirs conviction and elicits a response of either repentance or further rebellion! In verse 42, Jesus makes no attempt to correct their ignorance because without the Father drawing them, the idea that He could be “The Bread of Life come down from heaven” was impossible! He simply rebukes their grumbling and explains to them the truth of WHY they’re having a hard time believing in Him. Jesus makes it clear, in order to have a relationship with the Father, one must also have a relationship with the Son because the Father draws people to His Son! In this, Jesus reiterates God’s divine sovereignty over salvation and reestablishes that man is utterly helpless to save Himself without God’s intervention! This emphasizes salvation by grace alone without negating man’s responsibility to respond. Jesus explains how a sinner is drawn to hear, is taught, and ultimately saved not by the splendor of a beautiful church building, not by the performance of the music ministry, not by the oratory skill of a pastor to tell stories, but by the teaching of the Word of God; the teaching and preaching of Himself, Jesus! It’s one thing to be drawn, another to hear and regurgitate back what you’ve heard, but it’s quite another to demonstrate by your actions that you have learned! Jesus says it is by hearing and learning His Word that a sinner is drawn to salvation! Jesus is going to draw people using whatever means necessary. All we need to do is present the truth, then folks will hear the Word of God as Jesus reaches and teaches those willing to hear, learn, and respond by believing Him! Friends, Jesus’ words here in Chapter 6 indicate our inclination is not much different than the Jews that day. We sometimes view ourselves as large and in charge, and think WE can choose God and WE can give ourselves to Him at any time, but in truth, it is God who chooses us, calls us, and we come to Him as a result of Him drawing us!
Lesson4Life:  Jesus is drawing you to come because He wants you to believe Him and be saved!