John 6:37-40 “It’s Me Fool!”

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In these verses, Jesus explains the process of salvation and how it involves both divine sovereignty and human responsibility! God’s sovereignty is manifest in 3 ways… 1. God wants to save every single person He created. Jesus came down to do just that, not just the good, beautiful, rich, or popular (John 3:16-17). He wants to save every single one regardless of who they are or what they’ve done (including you and me)! 2. Jesus will raise up (that is save) every single person who comes to Him and not lose one! There is no point system for earning or losing salvation because it’s a free gift to everyone who believes. Jesus isn’t going to come demanding His gift back (Romans 10:12). 3. God supernaturally enables people to see and come to Jesus! In unbelief, we can’t see our need for salvation, so God has to show us our need! Even after, many try to save themselves, but can’t sustain it and fall again and again, eventually revealing their need for a Savior! The Holy Spirit makes them aware of one primary sin: their failure to believe in Christ! This is the one sin that can’t be forgiven, but God supernaturally enables people to see and to come to Jesus. This leads us to our one responsibility in God’s plan for salvation: Come believe in Jesus (Romans 10:5-10). Verse 40 is especially important because Jesus reminds us He’s not going to reject anyone who believes and not even death can rob us of His promise of eternal salvation! Satan wants to perpetuate the false belief in the Law’s ability to save because he knows the Law can only show people they’ve messed up. It can’t save them! He uses this to discourage believers from continuing to believe in Jesus by making them feel each time they mess up, they’re losing or lost their salvation! Satan whispers; “See you’re just not good enough to be saved. You can’t stop sinning. Jesus is so disappointed in you. He’s not going to save you now. Just give up!” He wants you to believe Jesus is going to turn you away or turn His back on you, but Jesus wants us to know the truth, effectively saying in verses 37-40, “It is the Father’s will that sinners be saved and by believing in Me, you can be safe and secure in your salvation for eternity!”

Lesson4Life: Jesus doesn’t cast believers away when they sin, He saves us from it!