John 6:30-36 “Believing is Seeing”

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“Show us a sign, then we’ll believe!” was a recurring theme for the Jews (1 Corinthians 1:20-23). Demanding a sign is what these guys did because they didn’t truly have faith! Faith based on signs alone isn’t really true faith at all because signs by themselves don’t produce saving faith without the truth of the Word of God! Seeing doesn’t require faith, but Jesus wants us to have faith because it builds trust in Him. As we trust, we get to see Him do amazing things through faith (Hebrew 11:1-1117-30)! The Jew’s lack of spiritual perception was so great, they didn’t even realize that the scripture they quoted in verse 31 from Psalm 78:23-25 actually exposed their hard-hearts toward Jesus! If you read the whole Psalm, you’ll find it’s all about Israel’s unbelief and rebellion (Psalm 78:32-38). The Jews were the originators of “seeing is believing”, but Jesus wasn’t having it. He understood the real order of spiritual blessings: “believing is seeing!” Jesus was trying to lift their minds above physical sustenance, so they could realize their greater need was eternal and spiritual sustenance. Jesus says, “I Am the bread of life, come and believe!” The true Bread from Heaven was not manna, but the ONE whom God sent from Heaven to give life to the world! Manna could only sustaine life temporarily, but Jesus gives life forever! Once someone is in a right relationship with Jesus, they find everything they need to live an abundant life, including eternal life itself! But, I warn you, believing is not merely an intellectual exercise, an acknowledgment of Jesus’s existence, or idol words spoken within the confines of church. It’s much more! Believing means coming to Christ and yielding your will to His will (Luke 9:23Ephesians 4:20-24). Believing means turning from the evil and sinful stuff and turning toward the right stuff (Colossians 3:5-11). Simply put, “come and believe” means receiving Jesus into your heart as you would a piece of bread and a glass of water: into your body! Will you willingly take Him in?

Lesson4Life: Come to Jesus means to believe in Him & to believe means to come to Him!