John 5:31-40 “The Bible 101”

John 5:31-40

Sunday we went back to school to learn what the Bible is all about from cover to cover in just under an hour! Jesus calls attention to the testimony of four witnesses here in chapter 5 so the people would believe Him. John the Baptist was the first witness (John 1:19-34), His teachings and physical miracles He performed were the second witness, and the testimony of God the Father was the third witness (1 John 5:9-12). In verse 39, Jesus mentions the Scriptures as the last testimony of Himself. They believed mere knowledge and outward observance of the scriptures (the Law) would impress God and yield special favor, effectively earning themselves salvation! They failed to realize what was on the inside in the heart was what mattered (Matthew 23:27-28 NLT). In their zeal to know the “Word of God” they failed to know the God of the Word! Today many believe becoming religious as man defines it with puffed up knowledge and outward observances is going to impress God. The sad reality is many of the most scripturally intelligent people on earth fail to see the witness of the scriptures and that a relationship with Jesus is more important than the religion of Jesus. Warren Wiersbe wrote, “The mark of true Bible study is not knowledge that puffs up, but love that builds up.” You might know the Bible cover-to-cover, but if you refuse to come to Jesus, you miss the point. The whole book testifies that eternal life is found in His love! Knowledge can make you feel important, but it’s your love for Jesus and His love for you that matters! And that is what the Bible is all about: Jesus and His love for you and me!

Lesson4Life: How you love says way more about your relationship with Jesus than what you know! 
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