John 17:1-5 “There’s More to Life than Tacos!”

Jesus set an example for us in the way that He talked to the Father. He didn’t come as a victim. He knew where He stood before His Father. He had just declared to the disciples that He overcame the world (John 16:33). Jesus was not insecure and, therefore, He stood before His Father in confidence. Likewise, we can stand in confidence before Him because of the blood of Jesus.

In this model of Jesus praying, we see that He also destroyed religious rituals. It is common for us, when we pray, to bow our heads and close our eyes, but Jesus lifted His head up with His eyes wide-open to talk to His Father. There’s nothing wrong with closing our eyes – it helps us shut out distractions, but the point is that there’s no “right posture.” We can enter into conversation with our Father whenever and wherever we are. And we have freedom to pray for ourselves. Ultimately, Jesus was praying that the Father be glorified. But He was praying for strength to endure trials SO THAT the Father would be glorified.

It was for this purpose that we were created, to glorify God (Romans 11:36). The way we bring the most glory to Him is through a relationship with Him. He came, died and rose again so that we could have an eternal relationship with Him, bringing glory to His name. Everyone will live for eternity. The question is WHERE they will spend their eternity (Matthew 25:41-46). Only those who spend eternity in heaven will actually bring glory to His name. Many people spend their whole lives trying to find their purpose. Eventually, they become disillusioned because all that the world has to offer leaves us empty. The solution is to live a life of obedience to God and enter into Jesus so that He can enter into you.

Lesson4Life: You were born to God’s glory because He loves you and wants to know you forever!