John 15:1-17 “People can be like biscuits, pretty flaky!”

The branch can do nothing apart from the vine. All that the branch needs to live and produce fruit is provided by the vine. Likewise, all that we need to live a life alive in Christ is found in Him and you’ll find that- Lesson4Life: You can have anything if you abide in Jesus above everything!

To abide means to “be at home with.” It means you observe, follow, accept, keep, obey and respect His love! When we do this, we are filled with His joy. Whenever a follower of Christ doesn’t have joy it’s because they’re aren’t truly abiding in Christ. When we’re abiding in Him, we have the endurance to make it through all the trials and still have joy in the midst of them (1 Peter 1:6-9). Joy does not signify an easy life, it signifies that you’re right with God! Nothing will be able to steal His joy from you as you abide in His joy.

So we abide in Him by obeying His commandments. One being that we love each other just as He has loved us. He loved us while we were still sinners. And now He no longer calls us servants, but friends (John 15:14-16). Servants obey because of pending consequences, but friends serve each other out of love. This is how we ought to serve the Lord and each other. There is no conflict between being a faithful servant and a faithful friend because effectively, they’re one in the same.

Lesson4Life: Don’t be a flaky friend; be a faithful one, by loving Jesus and each other!