John 14:22-31 “Earthlings, I Leave You Peace!”

It is impossible to have peace unless we let the Prince of Peace rule and reign in our hearts and lives. Many today seek “World Peace,” but they do not accept that the only way to have it is to enter into a relationship with the very God that promised us peace.

Nothing in the world can offer us real peace (John 14:27). The kind of peace that the Lord extends to us transcends understanding. It’s not dependent on circumstance. It’s not the absence of war. it is the presence of the Holy Spirit at work within us. The peace that He gives to us is always present – even in the midst of trial and pain. When we understand who He is, we have confidence in Him and trust that He has our best intentions in mind (Proverbs 3:5-6).

Lesson4Life: Jesus loves you forever and will give you His peace to prove it when you put your faith and trust in Him.