John 13:11-30 “One Bath Is All You Need”

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John 13:11-30

Pride can often get in the way of what the Lord is trying to do in our hearts and lives. We try to do the things that He’s called us to do on our own. We try to make ourselves clean and live righteously on our own, but it is not possible without Him. Some people come so close to salvation, but end up turning away and choose to continue in darkness.

Judas was one of these people. He walked alongside Jesus for years but never came to fully understand what it meant to have a relationship with Him – to let Him wash him clean. Many people say, “If I could only see, then I would believe!” But through the life of Judas, we see that this is not entirely true either. Judas saw Jesus do many miracles, but He still didn’t give His life over to the Lord. Jesus knew ahead of time what Judas planned to do, but He did not withhold His love from him because of it. Likewise, Jesus came to die for all of us sinners. Scripture says that He loved us while we were STILL sinners (Romans 5:6-9). He begs us to come as we are so that He can wash us clean.

Lesson4Life: Let Jesus wash you because He loves you and He died for you so that you might live.