John 12:31-36 “Step Into the Light”

John 12:31-36

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Darkness throughout the Bible is a symbol of evil, sin, and ignorance, while light throughout the Bible is a symbol of goodness, righteousness, and Jesus Himself! This is important because it illustrates two types of people in the world-those who walk in darkness and those who walk in the light (John 3:18-21)! The deceptive thing about walking in darkness is that in the dark, you don’t see danger! This explains why sinners do not come into the light of Jesus. They love their sin and want to keep on doing the evil stuff their flesh desires. They want to stay in the dark! And so they harden their hearts and enlist the support of others to remain in darkness (Romans 1:28-32)! Which is why Jesus issues the warning here in verse 35, “Hey stop screwing around and listen up. Walk in the light while you can. Don’t let darkness overtake you!” In other words, “Time is running out, so while the light is still shining, you’d better take advantage of your opportunity to be saved. It might be your last!”

Jesus said these things and then hid himself from them as this marked the end of His public ministry and His last warning, leading us to a question each must answer today. Are you choosing to walk in darkness or in the light? Are you going to stumble through life, tripping over stuff that shouldn’t stumble you, and miss blessing after blessing, suffering needlessly because you want to stay in the dark, or will you humble yourself and choose to believe in the light, walk toward the light, and be saved by the light for all eternity? Will you crucify the desires of your dead flesh on the cross, place your hope and trust in Jesus, and be raised up from your old dead self to a new life in Christ Jesus?! This is why we have baptisms because it symbolized the death, burial, of our old sinful selves and our resurrection into new life with Jesus as Lord and Savior! Now is your opportunity to have an amazing life like you’ve never had it before with peace, joy, hope, and a future, but you must come to the light to get it!

Lesson4Life: Step into the light of Jesus and find a blessed life for today and eternity!