John 12:1-11 “Humble Yourself”

In comparing Mary and Judas, we see the stark contrast of light expressed through acts of love and devotion versus darkness revealed through evil deception!  Judas hid his motives for a long time even from the other disciples but was eventually exposed by his love of money, and it cost him everything. Even his life! While Mary hid nothing and poured out all she had on the feet of Jesus in full light. To this day we’re still talking about the gift she gave and the manner in which she gave it! Mary saw no reason to save her gift for His burial because she knew He wasn’t going to stay buried, and so, she worshipped Him! How did Mary know this? She was busy doing what we always find Mary doing, spending time at the feet of Jesus listening, learning, and worshiping (Luke 10:39John 11:32John 12:3)! This should tell us something about where we should be spending our time! Often I see people running around complaining they don’t know what’s going on, what Jesus is doing, or what He wants from them, but these same people have yet to just be still at His feet and listen, learn, and give Him their best in worship for a while! If you will spend more time at the feet of Jesus in prayer, bible study, and worship you won’t be lacking in direction or knowledge and you’ll know what others don’t! Mary saw the big picture, understood His death, burial, and resurrection, and knew how to please Him because she humbled herself at His feet listening, learning, and worshipping!

Lesson4Life:  The will of Jesus is known by spending time at His feet worshipping Him!