John 11:17-35 “A Good Cry”

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When Jesus saw Mary weeping and then the Jews following behind her weeping, He got angry and agitated! Not at Mary, of course. Perhaps a little at the Jews who were there for show or a paycheck. But the real reason for His anger and agitation was Satan who brought grief and death to people through sin! Jesus was angry with righteous indignation at Satan for what he had done to ensnare people in sin, and He’s angry at death’s dominion over the people! He’s angry because He sees the devastation brought to this family He loves! He’s angry because mankind’s greatest enemy is before Him, hiding behind a stone, trying to hold someone captive that He loves dearly. He’s angry because He is determined to put an end to death’s reign of terror (Hebrews 2:14-15)! Which brings us to the shortest, yet most impactful verse in all the Bible. Verse 35, “Jesus wept.” Perhaps the most asked question of this verse is why? Why did He weep if He was so angry? The answer should be obvious. Haven’t you ever been so mad, hurt, and sad at the same time when something happens to someone you love that you could just cry?  The word for wept was used only once in all the scriptures to describe Jesus’ weeping. Being fully man, He experienced everything we’ve experienced but deeper. As God, He doesn’t just feel these things for Himself, He feels for everyone around! He felt the sorrow in Mary. He felt the despair in Martha. He felt the deep grief and loss felt by each person in the community and their heartfelt compassion for the sisters! The disbelief of the religious Jews, He felt, and the pain of sin and suffering, He felt! The fear of death and dying that was fresh on everyone’s mind, He felt! All of it, not bits and pieces, but in total, from everyone all at the same time. He felt! And perhaps not least of which, He thought about Lazarus and from where He was about to snatch Lazarus back to Earth from. So yeah, Jesus wept. He wept because He was angry at Satan, sin, and death and because those He loved and cared about were hurt and hurting! His weeping demonstrates He understands our feelings and can relate to our humanity! His weeping shows that He knows what it’s like to be one of us and that He cares!

Lesson4Life: When you hurt, Jesus hurts too because He’s there for you and He loves you!