John 11:1-16 “Let’s Go Die”

Jesus knows Lazarus’s sickness is not unto permanent death because He’s operating according to God’s will and timeline not His own! God is going to use what looks to be a hopeless situation to bring glory to His Son! We need to remember, as we go through stuff and it seems as if Jesus has let us down, by not doing what needed to be done when it needed to be done that this is not true! Jesus knows your needs and His delays are not denials. It only means He is acting according to His will and in His time to meet your need so that He gets the glory!

Jesus could have raised Lazarus any number of ways from a distance of course! He wanted to go to Judea to minister to Lazarus and his family in person because He knew this would be the catalyst for His arrest, but He needed to demonstrate an important truth about love and sacrifice that His disciples needed to learn! The willingness to sacrifice one’s liberty, one’s rights, and even one’s life is the hallmark of a Christian walk that every disciple of Christ must learn (John 15:13)!

You have to admire Thomas’ leadership, courage and commitment to Jesus as he expresses perfectly what it means to be a follower of Jesus when he prophetically says, “Let us also go, that we may die with Him!”  No better words are spoken by a Christian seeking to follow Jesus in all His ways (Luke 9:23-25)! Some are scarcely willing to give up a few of the pleasures of the flesh much less their whole life to follow Jesus because for them the cost is already too high! What about you? What are you willing to give up to loyally follow Jesus and live? Will you lay down the bottle, put away the drugs, and turn off the filth? Will you stop lying, cheating, scheming, complaining, and worrying? Will you put away the idols that consume your time, energy, and finances and instead give it all to Jesus? Will you turn to the Lord Jesus, commit yourself to follow and demonstrate your loyalty by doing what He’s asked you to do? Jesus has a mission for you to go on right now. Are you willing to give up your life in order to live for Him and go? Jesus said let’s go, and Thomas said let’s do it. Let’s go die with Jesus!  What do you say?

Lesson4Life: A commitment to follow Jesus is demonstrated by your loyalty in doing it!