John 10:28-42 “A Stone’s Throw Away II”

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In verse 27, Jesus told the religious leaders they are not His sheep because they don’t follow Him, but here in verse 28, He describes the benefits of being a sheep and the safety and security! This sentiment was taught earlier in John from the perspective of God’s divine influence on the lives of people and Jesus’s heart toward His sheep given to Him by the Father (John 6:37-40)! What this means is, from a human perspective, we become His sheep by grace through faith when we believe in Him, but from His divine perspective, we believe in Him because we are His sheep! Salvation is a gift from God and a gift must be received and opened to be enjoyed! And once you receive His gift, He will never demand or take it back (Ephesians 2:8-10)!

Jesus declares plainly to the religious leaders how He knows who the sheep are, how He can give them eternal life, and why He will never lose one. As Jesus says, “I and My Father are one.” Sharing the same nature as God! The Jews rightly understood what Jesus meant and who He claimed to be! In verse 24 the religious leaders ask Jesus to tell them who He is (John 10:24)? Jesus answers them, but their reaction tells us they didn’t really want to hear the truth! They didn’t want anything to do with living an abundant life in Christ. They wanted to live in the flesh, and so denying the truth, they picked up stones once again to kill the truth!

Today the enemies of Jesus have an equally adverse reaction to hearing the truth of His Word. It infuriates them as they’re admonished by the Holy Spirit to believe and follow! And to escape the conviction, they seek to stone Jesus out of their lives, thinking He is trying to take all the fun out of living and not realizing that He really wants to save them from themselves and give life more abundantly! But how often this plays out in our own lives when the truth of His Word crosses paths with the desires of our flesh and we act just like the religious leaders. Seeking to silence the Word instead of coming into obedience to it (John 5:18)!

In this Chapter, Jesus says, “I am the door” Have you entered through the door so you can be saved? Jesus says, “I am the Good Shepherd” Have you heard His voice and responded? Jesus says, “I am the Son of God” Do you believe Him? Is He your Lord and Savior? Friends, will you be a sheep seeking an abundant life in the Shepherd’s flock, or will you be like the religious leaders who are a stone’s throw away from choosing death? The choice is yours.

Lesson4Life: Sheep don’t throw stones at their Shepherd; they listen to and follow Him!