John 10:16-31″A Stone’s Throw Away I”

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From a human perspective, we become His sheep by grace through faith when we believe in Him, but from His divine perspective, we believe in Him because we are His sheep! Jesus declares plainly to the religious leaders how He knows who the sheep are, how He can give them eternal life, and why He will never lose one. As Jesus says, “I and My Father are one.” Some teachers distort Jesus’s Word by maintaining “I and My Father are one” only refers to a unity of purpose and will like when people are of one accord in agreement! This opens the door for bad interpretation that Jesus is a good man, a good teacher and even a Prophet, but not who He says He is, part of the triune nature of God! The Jews rightly understood what Jesus meant and who He claimed to be! Again, they took up stones to kill Him as He answers their question from verse 24 telling them precisely who He is and who they are not. “I AM God, but you are not mine!” Today, the enemies of Jesus have an equally adverse reaction to hearing the truth of Jesus’ Word. It infuriates them as they’re admonished by the Holy Spirit to believe Him! To escape the conviction, they seek to kill the Word, to stone Jesus from their life! Thinking He is trying to take all the fun out of living. On the contrary, He wants to save them and give life to them more abundantly! Unwilling to believe this, the Jewish leaders took up stones to kill Him. What about you? Are you a sheep seeking life, or are you stone’s throw away from choosing death!

Lesson4Life: Sheep don’t throw stones at their Shepherd; they follow Him!