God Speaks To Job

Job 38-39
We are thankful that God made everything.

For those of you who appreciate stirring, powerful dialogue, the book of Job delivers.  The discourse between God and his anguished follower Job reaches its climax in chapters 38 and 39 when God answers Job’s cries.

The story begins when Satan challenges God to allow him to test Job’s faithfulness.  Would Job remain true to God even if he lost all of God’s blessings?  We discover that even when Job’s possessions-including his children, his comfort, and his health-are taken from him, Job refuses to reject God.  Instead he questions God, asking acknowledgement of his misery, insisting his own innocence.  

Resisting the poor advice of three friends who attempt to “comfort” him with bogus explanations for his suffering, Job is open to God’s commentary.  God certainly has something to say!  To really grab Job’s attention, God speaks through a mighty whirlwind.  While some interpret God’s monologue as a berating of his faithful servant, God uses this brilliant method of firing questions back tat Job simply to make Job think.  In fact, God’s willingness to come before Job demonstrates that Job is special to him-far above all the animal kingdom described in some of God’s questions.  It’s through this barrage of questioning that Job finally recognizes that God, creator of the entire universe, is in control.

What does God say that has such a powerful impact on Job?  Essentially, God lists his credentials by forcing Job to respond to such questions as:  “Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth?…Can you direct the movement of the stars?…Is it your wisdom that makes the hawk soar?”  What makes these passages in Job so unique is the figurative speech that reads like poetry while at the same time generating a powerful image of God the creator.  

That is what we should take away from this passage.  God is the master designer.  He’s in absolute control, and he has been since before the first spark of his creation.  A God so strong and wise knows our condition-and a God so merciful deeply cares!

We may become frustrated, like Job, when we don’t understand God’s motives.  We learn from the book of Job that God – master of all creation – has infinite wisdom.  Through His wisdom we have a way to have a personal relationship with Him by sending Jesus to earth!  

When do you feel like Job?

Are you unsure of God’s motives?

Pray that God will help you see His wisdom and might, and ask for guidance as you listen to Him.