God Gives Isaac A Wife

We trust God’s Plan for us

Abraham was a man that truly trusted God.  We can read about his testing in the book of Genesis.  Even as an old man Abraham was clearly aware that God would take care of things.  Let’s take a look at how Abraham trusted God to find a bride for his son Isaac.

Abraham was determined that his son Isaac would marry someone from within his own tribe rather than mix lineage with the local Canaanites.  For that reason, Abraham directed his servant, Eliezer, to go to the land of his forefathers to select a prospective bride and bring her back to Canaan.  Arranged marriages were customary in those days.  Also, Abraham may have feared that if Isaac returned to his family’s homeland, he might hesitate to return to Canaan; thus rejecting the promised land as his home.

It took Eliezer weeks to journey nearly 1000 miles.  As soon as he arrived at his destination, the first thing that he did was pray.  His prayer was directed to the Lord, the God of Abraham.  He knew that to accomplish his mission, he needed direction from the one true God.

Just as Abraham knew He would, God arranged the outcome.  In fact, before Eliezer had even finished praying, Rebekah appeared at the well where Eliezer rested.  Rebekah responded exactly as Eliezer had described in his prayer as he asked God to help him identify her.  When he discovered whose daughter she was, confirming that she was a suitable match for Isaac, Eliezer immediately praised God for answering his prayer.

In agreeing to go with Eliezer to marry Isaac, Rebekah expressed great faith of her own.  She forfeited the chance to have an elaborate wedding near her own home.  She gave up everything familiar to her.  She promised to marry a man she had never seen, committing to a new life nearly a thousand miles away.  It was unlikely that she’d ever see her family again.  But, like Abraham, Rebekah understood a very important concept:  God is in control.  Always.

Abraham trusted God and yielded to His control.  His servant Eliezer prayed for God’s intervention in his search.  Rebekah agreed to an arrangement that she knew came from God.  All of these offer examples of faith in God’s sovereign nature, begging the question:  Do we exhibit that kind of faith today?

We can trust God, who understands our need for a savior.  Jesus came because God had a desire for a personal relationship with us.  And living out our faith is a way to share that relationship with others.