“…But God”

“…But God” Pastor Paul Durham

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This week we took a break from our study in the gospel of John to hear a special message from Pastor Paul Durham.

In the beginning there was Adam and Eve in the perfection of the garden. Satan came and they both chose to disobey God. Sin entered the world and we learned the hard way that we must listen to God’s Word and trust Him no matter what. Adam and Eve deserved death, BUT GOD made the first sacrifice and clothed them (Genesis 3:21). In Noah’s time, humanity had become so wicked, God had decided to destroy everyone, BUT GOD remembered Noah (Genesis 8:1). Joseph experienced betrayal, imprisonment, and false accusations, BUT GOD had a plan for his life (Genesis 50:20). Maybe you’ve made some wrong choices in life like Adam and Eve. Maybe you feel like Noah and floods are rising all around you in life or you’re like Joseph and everyone around you has betrayed you, BUT GOD. Are you having a hard time in your marriage, lost your job, can’t pay your bills, dealing with physical illnesses, or dealing with a rebellious child? You may be facing all this, BUT GOD. He can work everything out (Romans 8:28). You can’t do it by your own strength, BUT GOD can (Philippians 4:13Luke 1:37).

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