Acts 2:1-47 “Together We Grow”

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Acts 2:1-47

Togetherness is an attribute of God. We were made for relationship. First, with Him and then with each other, in marriage, and then in community with the church. It’s in community with the church that we are called together, equipped and anointed to do His work and accomplish His will (Genesis 1:26). We learn what this should look like through the book of Acts. The apostles did LIFE together. Every aspect of life. The good times and the bad times, through crying and through laughter, they did together. It’s the day-to-day stuff that we go through together that equips us to do ministry together (Ephesians 2:19-22). It’s from this place of community in the church that the Lord moves and establishes His Kingdom on the earth. We see evidence of this as well in the book of Acts that whenever the apostles were gathered together in unity, the Lord poured out His Spirit and miracles occurred. It also says that DAILY numbers were added to the church. This is where we want to go as a church body and that’s why we so encourage you to get involved at our church – because together we GROW.

Lesson4Life: Together WE GROW!