Acts 2 “They Continued Steadfast”

Last Sunday, as we celebrated Homecoming Sunday, Pastor Chas took a break from our study in the Gospel of John to share with us a very special message on the history of the church and how it relates to what we are doing here at CCGSO. To watch or listen to the full teaching, click here

In Acts chapter 2, especially verses 40-47, we see the foundation of the early church laid out. These verses are in turn foundational scriptures to us here at CCGSO. When we started this church, we knew we couldn’t put our faith or trust in a man, but solely in God. Remember, the church didn’t have the New Testament like we have today, so they dedicated themselves to the things listed here in these verses: the apostle’s doctrine (this is the reason we teach verse by verse, chapter by chapter), fellowship, breaking bread, and prayers. We have to be steadfast in these things and it should be a priority in our lives. The church is our hub in life and we do these things together. Then, we go out and engage the world in the life that God has called us to live, but we keep coming back to the hub often to get encouraged and filled back up. When the hub is connected correctly, then you’ll go out and have favor (verses 46-47) and people will long for what you have! This is the foundation of our church! What does God have in store for the next 5 years for us here at CCGSO? I’m not sure because that depends on you and me and weather or not we are going to choose to remain steadfast in what Acts 2:40-47 says! If we do, we are going to be blessed beyond measure, maybe not here on earth, but in heaven!

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