Acts 12:5-17 “Together We Pray”

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In today’s society, prayer is often a last resort. It’s not usually our first response when tragedy hits. Many of us don’t realize the power of prayer – specifically when we pray together. We see over and over in Scripture how the Lord answers prayer. One example is found in James 5:16-18, which reminds us of Elijah’s great faith and how, when he prayed that it would not rain, it did not rain for three years. And then when he prayed for it to rain, it rained. James also points out that Elijah was a human too, yet he was still considered righteous in the eyes of the Lord, therefore, the Lord honored His prayers.

Prayer is not just for receiving, however, it is how we develop our relationship with the Lord. You cannot have a relationship with somebody that you never talk to. We need to pray with humility seeking to draw close to Him, not just to get something (2 Chronicles 7:14-16)! That’s why it is important for us to pray on our own. We also see in scripture, that when we join together in prayer, the Lord hears us and moves on our behalf (Matthew 18:19-20). Together we pray because prayer changes lives!