John 13:31-38 “How Do I Know You?”

When Jesus ascended, He left the disciples with a charge to love. As Christians, we are to love like Jesus did. We see all throughout the Gospels the way He constantly poured out love through His ministry. His love is selfless, unchanging and perfect. Now for us, it’s easy to get caught up in a moment and express our love for the Lord. It’s easy to say, “ I love Jesus!” in church on Sunday, but do our actions line up with our words? How do you really know a person is a Christian?

Peter was determined to love Jesus even unto death (Luke 22:31-34). Jesus tried to explain to Him that he could not go where He was going and Peter was outraged by the thought, but only a little while later, Peter denied Jesus three times (Matthew 26:66-75). Peter had been caught up in emotions when He told Jesus that He would love Him unto death . We sometimes get caught up in the same emotions, but real love, the love that Jesus continually pours out, is shown through action.

Lesson4Life: Emotions can stir us to love, but only faith in Jesus can sustain our love!