John 12:37-50 “Is Jesus Your Secret or Your Savior?”

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John 12:37-50

There were those who wouldn’t believe, then couldn’t believe and became the vocal and violent opposition to Jesus. There were some, even leaders, who did believe but were afraid to confess it for fear of what would happen to their position, power, and pocketbook because they loved the praise of men more than the praise of God! These secret believers wanted the best of both worlds: man’s praise and God’s praise, but scripture makes it clear this is an impossible life and warns what will happen if you try it (Matthew 10:32-33)! Either secrecy will undo your temporary belief, or belief will undo your secrecy.

Again, Jesus draws attention to God’s will for people to believe, essentially saying; “If you believe in God, then you believe in Me!” Again, He makes a bold proclamation, “And if you see Me, then you see God the Father. So, listen up cupcake!” Jesus says He came not to judge, but to save the world which dispenses with the notion that He judges some for Hell while saving others. It’s not Jesus doing that. An unbeliever will be judged by the same Word they have rejected. Every instance of His Word will judge because His
Word commands and exhorts us to believe in Him! This means every verse ever heard, every scripture read, every bible study, every Sunday school class, every VBS, every pastor’s message, every witness’s testimony, every mention of the name Jesus, all of these become your judge if you reject Jesus! Jesus says He loves people and wants to save them, but rejecting Him carries inescapable consequences because He speaks not on His authority, but by the authority of God! So when a sinner refuses to believe, it’s not Jesus who condemns them. They condemn themselves, judged guilty by the very Word they reject (John 3:16-21)!

God wants to save you, but if you reject His Word, there is no one to blame but you! Jesus’s words still echo across the landscape of religion and the world today and carry universal truth for all of us, a truth concerning the instruction within His Word and the power of His Word, a truth spoken by Moses some 3500 years ago (Deuteronomy 32:47)! Don’t harden your heart. Be open to Jesus and willing to have a little faith and watch Him open your eyes and give your life in ways you never imagined because the Word is True!

Lesson4Life:  Jesus cannot remain a secret in your life if He is the savior of your life!