1 Timothy 2 “Roles and Responsibilities”

We spend a lot of time complaining about our leaders, circumstances, enemies – the list goes on and on. I heard it said once that complaints are simply misguided intercession. In 1 Timothy, Paul exhorts us that we should pray for ALL men, especially those that are in authority. Secretly, when new people are elected, some of us think that God has made a mistake. But we know from scripture, that ALL authority is appointed by God (Romans 13:1). Or we try to make excuses of how Scripture doesn’t apply to us. Surely, Paul didn’t have terrible leaders like we do. But when Paul wrote this to Timothy, Nero was the King. Nero was a persistent persecutor of the early Christian church, yet Paul’s instructions were clear, “Pray for ALL men.”

As we continue to read through 1 Timothy chapter two, we see Paul’s instruction for women. Many people are offended by what we read in this chapter. In today’s culture, there are riots and marches for women’s rights, so the idea that women should submit to men and be under their leadership sounds preposterous. However, there is a Biblical role that both men and women are supposed to fulfill. The role the women have is different than the role that men have. Men and women were created differently for unique purposes. Men, lead in your family and in your church. Women, use the gift of love that God has blessed you with.